FPT Software

Accompany the future

The Global Leading Technology And It Services Group
FPT Software is more than an IT services company, it is also a way of working and a way of life. FPT Software exists to bring the best solutions to the world’s leading organizations through committed people and teams delivering inspiration, innovation and impact.

Which statements matter? 

IT services companies are known as a harsh image which lacks being flexible and dynamic to adapt to lots of challenges ahead. Therefore, GU sets-off a creative journey based on the original characteristics which remains brand essence of FPT Software significantly.

FPT Software has a great desire for expressing brand image, belief and business direction. GU Branding & Creative offers  “A Living Brand” concept which emphasizes intrinsic value as well as helps FPT Software connect to their clients tightenly. 

Dynamic visual elements are developed based on 5 core values ​​of FPT Software. Each visual is flexibly transformed to show dynamism, making the brand image lively and conveying values ​​more coherently. Despite the change in expression, the DNA characteristics of visual elements remain the same shape and 13-degree tilt. Those characteristics ensure consistency for the brand as a whole.


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