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From Nature with Love

Renowned throughout beauty forums, Decumar specializes in providing fine skin care products for young people, supporting the treatment of acne, inflammatory acne, preventing and blurring scars. Realizing that Vietnam has an extremely rich flora, hidden with precious nutrients, Decumar found new opportunities for breakthroughs. It takes advantage of traditional herbs with modern science to turn daily-used ingredients into safe and effective products.

In particular, when the habits of consuming cosmetics have changed, people tend to look for products that are extracted from natural herbal ingredients to protect the environment and health. This is the motivation for Decumar to research creatively as well as put great hope in the future development potential.

Inspired by Decumar’s love of nature and relentless efforts, GU has initiated a brand development campaign called “From Nature with Love”. A brief, condensed message with a new look will accompany Decumar on its noble mission.

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