Yêu từng bữa ăn ngon.

Since 2019, the FMCG market in Vietnam has always been vibrant with the presence of many different consumer goods. This is considered a potential playground for many big brands including brands.

Because of the high competitiveness and vibrant pace, referring to the FMCG market in Vietnam in general and the high-quality frozen meat industry in particular, a series of brands large and small appeared in the minds of customers. Unfortunately, FujiFoods was not among the first names remembered. FujiFoods has come to GU with the desire to create a completely different strategy to help the brand stand out, soon rise to the top of the industry, and promote business goals.

With 40% Japanese investment, FujiFoods Ltd. was established in 2013, positioning its focused operations in the food and catering industry. Beef products are produced, packaged, and distributed according to strict quality control procedures and a 100% Japanese technology machinery system. Recognizing the new consumer trend, FujiFoods has made a bold decision to change its business strategy (from B2B to B2C as well as rebranding after 7 years of operation).

How do we make customers pay for FujiFoods instead of a bunch of other competitive products?

Despite the epidemic, the FMCG industry has maintained its growth and is driven by increasing consumption due to the change in consumer behavior. It is expected that by 2030, the population of the middle class will increase significantly. As the conditions attached to life are increasing, buyers are prepared to pay for more luxurious consumer products. This creates potential opportunities for brands offering products in the high segment, including FujiFoods.

For this customer segment, the ability to pay is no longer a factor to consider. They require higher quality of the product type such as compliance with physical health standards, safety or expectations of taste, existence, and packaging of products, etc.

The key to the success of the business.

Starting from the implementation of surveys and industry research, GU plans to rebuild the brand comprehensively, as a guideline for the chain of activities in the future. A whole new voice and image not only expresses the mission but adheres to the core values of FujiFoods. Besides, GU’s team focuses on developing a brand experience strategy. A strong experience impacts each behavior and attracts customer loyalty.

FujiFoods is a brand that carries a Japanese soul. Referring to Japan, the image of people who work dedicatedly, thoughtfully, and very hard for the community, would come to mind. At FujiFoods, customer satisfaction is at the heart of every product and service. Inspired by the core values of FujiFoods, GU chooses the slogan “Yêu từng bữa ăn ngon” as the orientation for communication activities.

Combining aesthetic elements as well as understanding the brand spirit, GU builds an identity that is bold in Japanese culture, full of images and colors. This affirms the prestige and professionalism of the business while ensuring attractiveness and liveliness. 

The new logo evolved from the Fuji mountain motif in the original, stylized line with a bold accent that mimics the Japanese calligraphy pen. Two halves of the circle connect at the mountain, symbolizing the intersection of heaven and earth, as well as the philosophy of yin and yang rotating (Bagua circle). To increase the prominence and cultural character of Japan, the logo cluster can be placed in a rectangular block inspired by the shape of a Japanese lantern.
Instead of popular colors such as Red – Black – Orange as frozen meat brands often use in product identification as well as packaging, GU directs FujiFoods to a completely different direction with the main blue-red-orange as the highlight, combining light complementary colors.

The main motif for FujiFoods is a harmonious combination of waves common in Japanese art culture & Shimeji mushroom nebula.

Tasty on various platform

The brand experience is understood how customers feel when interacting with the brand. This includes how a brand is perceived, sound, feel, smell, and taste, from a digital experience to a product and store experience. Each touchpoint is an opportunity for the brand to strengthen customer relationships through optimizing them and creating a unique experience.

Following the slogan “Yêu từng bữa ăn ngon”, GU creates delicious meals right on digital platforms.
The packaging uses the unique blue color that makes FujiFoods products stand out completely in the supermarket store, stimulating attention in customers and minimizing the time to consider options to make decisions. This is fully in line with the orientation of the B2B to B2C business model that FujiFoods has set out.
Implementing a comprehensive, coherent strategy, FujiFoods’ overall picture has completely changed. The new colors have helped FujiFoods become different from its competitors, quickly rise to the top of the leading brands in the high-quality frozen meat industry and exceed the business goals set.

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