Giang Nam Petrol

Ambition to connect

Gasoline has always been considered a particularly important commodity, the spine of the national economy. With a nationwide distribution system consisting of 344 general agents, 4,632 dealers and more than 10,000 retail stores, petroleum has become one of the most competitive markets.
Although new to this field, Giang Nam Petrol (GNP) quickly made its mark in the sales race in Vietnam. GNP’s sales have always maintained at a growth rate over the years. Leading the trend of applying new technology to production and business activities, increasing labor productivity, and serving customers, GNP aspires to expand nationwide, actively participate in large supply chains. This has prompted the founders to make the decision to change their brand strategy, getting ready for a new journey

Inspired by the “Ambition to Connect” of the business, GU has created a completely new identity for GNP as well as developed a strategy to optimize the experience between the brand and customers.

Bringing the power of energy, petroleum do not only bring practical values to life but also lights up the light of the future, which is the premise for the comprehensive development of the country. The new logo is a combination of three concentric circles representing the sun with hopeful light energy. The right-leaned design symbolizes willpower and insight. A completely new identity has fully expressed the core values as well as the spirit of GNP.
By researching, GU developed a touch point system with a set of colors, fonts, symbols. This helps the brand experience become homogeneity and convey the corporate manifesto, helping GNP become fully prominent compared to its competitors in the same industry.

Having a new brand development orientation combined with a comprehensive business strategy, GNP promises to create great achievements on the journey to conquer the Vietnamese petroleum market.


2nd Floor, Golden West Tower,
2 Le Van Thiem, Thanh Xuan.


+84 (0) 937 723 2497​