Hanoi Youth Football League

Fair Play is The Way

Possessing the most powerful attraction on the planet, football has become the most popular sport on the planet and is hailed as the king of sports. In Vietnam, football has become an important part in people’ daily lives. However, youth football and especially youth football leagues have not received much attention.​​​​​​​

Wishing to give Vietnamese generations the opportunity to participate directly in professional competitions, Hanoi Youth Football League (HYFL) was officially established in 2009 and is run by sports professionals with extensive experience and enthusiasm for youth football. The tournament emphasizes professionalism and fairness in every match, thereby forming a positive personality for children through sports activities. This is also a solid stepping stone for young talents who want to join professional clubs, promote the development of football and sports in the country.

For this customer segment, the ability to pay is no longer a factor to consider. They require higher quality of the product type such as compliance with physical health standards, safety or expectations of taste, existence, and packaging of products, etc.
After more than a decade, the tournament has attracted the attention of many other clubs in Hanoi metropolitan area, including 68 teams and more than 1,000 athletes. Recognizing the great potential and social significance of Youth Sports – Schooling Sports, the Organizing Committee decided to develop HYFL in a more methodical way and expand the national scale.

Accompanying HYFL on the journey of carrying out its mission, GU acts as a brand strategy development partner, supporting media orientation to help the league quickly assert its position in the country’s sports.

How can HYFL attract young, passionate football talent while building trust among parents and professionals in the industry? After the process of understanding the psychology of each target object combined with the aesthetic factor, GU offers the appropriate answer to HYFL’s problem. We develop a flexible but unified, professional but vibrant identification system that fully demonstrates the evolving process and mission of the tournament.

As the main point of a brand identity system, the new logo is easier to remember with a minimalist badge based on the ratio of basic geometric blocks that bring a new, friendly feeling, and create a highlight for the audience.
GU uses geometric sans-serif fonts with outstanding advantages such as good display (especially large size), modern and gives a sense of certainty.

Inspired by the two side pitches of the football field made up of two strips of Pink-Blue gradient, the key visual set expresses the desire to enhance the sports spirit of the community. HYFL is representative of the love of football and dreams of small players.
A new strategy combined with a unique brand experience has made HYFL stand out and be different from its launching identity. This motivates HYFL to become a prestigious and professional playground for young talents, which is the pride of Vietnamese sports.


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