Kim Boi

Finest Essence of Vietnam

For thousands of years, the people of Kim Boi have been favored by nature with Kim Boi mineral spring mine – a natural mineral water of good quality, thanks to being formed thousands of years along with geological tallying. Open-pit mineral streams with high mineral ratios (Calcium, sodium, Magnesium, Iodine,…), are very good for human health, preventing joint aches, eliminating fatigue, pains, diseases of the stomach, intestines, …

Appreciating the gift that mother nature grants, Kim Boi mineral water was officially established half a century ago and becomes an ideal companion anytime, anywhere. With the goal of dominating the market in the high-end water segment, Kim Boi cooperated with GU in the rebranding project.

After conducting market surveys and customers, GU proposed a plan to rebuild the overall brand image, fully in line with the new orientation.
The logo is inspired by the boldness of Vietnamese calligraphy. The new symbol is the perfect combination for the intersection of modernity and the national spirit. To highlight the origin and cultural pride even better, the decorative patterns on Dong Son bronze drums are calculated and intricately redrawn on the body of the bottle. These are symbols from the Bronze Age, the image of people’s activities and totems such as cranes.

To increase the identity of the brand image, GU designed more packaging patterns with striking colors, characteristic for the important events.
The new identity is applied at points of direct interaction with customers, in line with the position in 5-star hotels and conferences contributing to the luxury of the space. This is also the key to leading the brand on the journey to affirm its identity.


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2 Le Van Thiem, Thanh Xuan.


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