Sensational Wisdom

King-Q Is a brain-boosting toy brand that develops children’s intelligence indicators. Affirming its position in the field of children’s toys in Vietnam, King-Q has the desire to enter the EU and US markets.

In order to make its dream of exploring potential markets come true, King-Q soon realized the need to build a ground-breaking brand strategy. After the process of gathering information and approaching challenges related to the industry market and brand products, GU offers a comprehensive solution within the given budget through optimizing the brand experience: well-expressed vision logo, business aspirations, special key visual system suitable for young children from 3-5 years old. All of that is to make a difference and stand out from its competitors through direct touchpoints with customers.

With the tagline “Sensational Wisdom” to express King-Q’s mission, GU opts for dynamic concepts, creativity, combining the idea of bubble thinking icons, stylized brain and used throughout touchpoints. Developed by using the illustration pattern and many liberal brushstrokes, GU wants to emphasize creativity and breakthrough thinking in each toy product for children. The eye-catching, fresh color palette is especially suitable for children, arousing excitement, stimulating the imagination. After the change-up, King-Q’sinterface became more attractive and prominent than the competitors.

Not only does packaging play a role in protecting products, packaging is an important factor that directly impacts customer behavior. In the case of King-Q, the users are young children but the people who make the purchasing decisions are the parents. The challenge for a product packaging must fit both different object files.
The design solution is launched after the process of understanding customer psychology and balancing the unique aesthetic elements.

Wearing a new shirt, King-Q can now confidently assert its position in the Vietnamese market and be ready to reach far beyond the world.

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