Magic of mess

Derived from a passion for creativity, MESSUP was born to provide a platform that connects artists wishing to make profit by their art products through printing services. Young talents can choose the form of expressing their work in different materials (items), thereby helping the artist get a new source of income. As a newcomer in the competitive print-on-demand (POD) market, MESSUP wishes to affirm its youthful personality and stand out completely from its competitors. This is also a chance when GU enters the collaborative process to implement a completely new branding identity project.
Understanding the form of operation, vision as well as problems that MESSUP is facing, GU builds a comprehensive strategy with a systematic design, directing communications. Converging creative pieces, MESSUP itself is also a multi-color and versatile essence. Therefore, GU chooses the tagline “Magic of mess” to help reflect the personality of the brand.
The new logo inspired by emojis has given viewers positive energy, reduced the burden on the brand and increased memory. San-serif font with a large thickness helps increase the ability to read and focus from the viewer but does not create a sense of seriousness.
Key visual “Emotional Mess” is a harmonious combination of logo, illustration, and spirited colors. This solution creates flexibility in applying the identification system in practice and honors the platform of expressing unlimited creativity for talented young people. 
After the bold transformation, MESSUP has gradually made its mark in the POD market in Vietnam.


2nd Floor, Golden West Tower,
2 Le Van Thiem, Thanh Xuan.


+84 (0) 937 723 2497​