Protective Mask

In 2020, the new decade has begun with a thrilling, emotional roller coaster. The pandemic broke out and became a terrible nightmare for all mankind. A series of directive and rapid epidemic prevention measures have been implemented to protect the safety of the community. 
Under Thygensen, YouSafe was born in the midst of a challenging context aimed at improving public health and reversing the epidemic. YouSafe’s mask products are manufactured according to modern Thygensen technology. Antibacterial fabric combined with breathing membranes that fit, hug the face, nasal splints to prevent the penetration of viruses. In this partnership, GU and Thygensen created a brand of new masks, oriented to the international market.
Received the topic, GU conducts survey research activities, interviewing the target audience. From here, we have accessed and gathered the necessary information related to the packaging process, customer psychology and public awareness of health and safety. The small pieces have created a comprehensive branding orientation for YouSafe.
The situation of COVID-19 is aggravated and has a greater impact on human life. When science and technology have not yet found a cure for this unusual virus, the only solution comes from protecting your health, using hygienic, personal care and family care products such as hand sanitizer, bactericidal dry hand sanitiser, home cleaning products… The name “YouSafe” was chosen to give users a sense of absolute peace of mind. To help brands express a message of safety and motivation for users, GU uses a positive tone in identity and product designs.
The logo is designed in a minimalist style and emphasizes the brand name. Monochrome colors combined with San Serif fonts meet the aesthetic element and bring a firm, trusting feel. Logo is easy to apply on different platforms.

As a direct touchpoint with customers, a product packaging not only plays a role in attracting attention but also expressing the brand’s manifesto, directly impacting every purchasing decision. To achieve this goal, Gu designed a packaging kit with clear, tight layout content, highlighting the product function. Modern colour palettes increase recognition and stand out from competitors. 

A well-written brand strategy and comprehensive identity system have become a solid foundation for YouSafe to carry out its mission.


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